Which is the one factor, that determines whether a person will succeed in life or not?

One morning Sir Henry Ford sat down with a paper in his hand.

On that paper, he designed the V8 engine.

Ford immediately summoned a team of engineers to his office and began discussing with him the design of the engine.

“Sir. It is impossible to make an eight-cylinder gasoline engine block,” said an experienced engineer.

“But make it,” Ford responded in a strong voice.

“But, you are not understanding, Sir,” he replied, “It is absolutely impossible!”

“Keep on working until the engine is built, no matter how long it takes, I want this engine ready,” Ford demanded.

He was absolutely sure that he would definitely succeed in his plan.

Listening to Ford’s jurisdiction, all the engineers were nervous.

Some people started complaining, “Ford’s brains have gone mad! They don’t know what the impossible means! What trouble have they created, if the engine is not ready then our job will go!

Then he started working on the engine without saying anything.

Six months have passed.

“Is my V-8 motor ready!” Ford came and asked …

Nine months passed …

Even then the engine was not ready.

Engineers brainwashed in every way, but the task still seemed ‘impossible’.

At the end of the year, Sir Ford visited his engineers, even then the engineers told him that this work would not be done.

“Keep trying,” Ford said, “I want to get this engine ready at any cost!”

The engineers had no other choice. They struggled hard for months until the secret of building the famous engine called ‘V-8’ was discovered and the first Ford V-8 car was launched in 1932.

Now come back to our question-

“Which is the one factor that determines whether a person will succeed in life?”

The answer is ‘sure’.

Success is impossible without belief.
Everything starts with conviction.
If you are ‘sure’ that you will be successful, then you definitely will be, if you are not ‘sure’ then you can never be successful.

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