What does the executioner say to criminal before hanging?

When it comes time to hang, some rules have to be followed very carefully.

If the rules are not kept in mind, the hanging process is considered incomplete. Special attention is taken to hanging rope, time etc. The biggest role in hanging is the hangman.

At the last moment of the culprit who is hanged, the executioner stands with him. At the same time, before hanging, something speaks in ears and then pulls the lever attached to the platform.

The hangman saying is that “I am forced by my duty. I wish to walk on the path of your truth.”

Some facts

1. After convicting the culprit in the court, the judge breaks the pen’s nibs. Nib breaking is a symbol of the fact that now the life of that person has ended.

2. The hanging is given before dawn. This is so that the work of other inmates of the jail does not stop in the morning. By the way, such a system has been in place since the British era. Also, it is also hanged at this time so that the family of the prisoner can do his funeral in the morning on time.

3. Before the execution, the prisoner is bathed and new clothes are worn.
Before hanging, the person’s last wish is also asked, in which the family meets, good food or other wishes, whatever he wants to do before his life ends.

4. Jail Superintendent, Executive Magistrate, Hangman and Doctor are present when hanging. They are not hanged without them.

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