What are the things about aliens that you will be shocked to know?

It is difficult to imagine how big the universe is. Just understand that in this universe our earth is not even equal to a particle of sand. Millions of planets larger than this earth exist in our universe. The biggest thing is that there are millions of galaxies in our universe. The galaxy is called a ‘galaxy’. Our Milky Way is called Milkyway in English while in Hindi it is called Kshiramarga and Mandakini in which Earth, our Solar System and millions of stars are located.

Scientists say that when there are millions of planets like Earth in our Galaxy, surely there will be life on some of them. There will be only humans and animals as well as animals. Maybe some of them are weak from our thinking and some humans are rich in humanity and are rich in technology. Such people are called ‘aliens’. ‘Aliens’ means the resident of other planets.

In 2009, the US space agency NASA started a project called Kepler Mission-10 for the purpose of surveying our galaxy with the aim of planet-hunting. This space observatory is fitted with a powerful telescope, which is searching for planets with shapes and properties like the earth. It is also trying to find out how many planets of our galaxy of 400 billion stars and so many planets are possible in life? According to a study, there are 160 billion planets in our galaxy.

Let’s know about 10 interesting information about them!

1. According to the History Channel report, the book ‘Chariots of Gods’ by famous writer Eric Von Deneken, who researches the monuments of ancient civilizations, has changed the thinking of the world. According to him, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt had no technique to construct the pyramids of Giza. The inhabitants of Egypt had neither the tools nor the knowledge to build them in Giza. In this way, the aliens must have created them. If you talk about India, then there are many such temples which can not be made from today’s modern human technology also.

2. After many years of research, scientists discovered that ‘Oryan’ is such a constellation that has a deep connection with our planet. The mythology of Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamia, Maya, Greek and Inca civilizations and the inscriptions on the carved stones have surprisingly similar information about this ‘Nakshatra’. Scientists believe that our ancestors or that the people who gave us directions came from the constellation ‘Orian’. Oraon Nakshatra in India is called Kaalpurush Nakshatra, which is similar to Mrigashira.

3. Years of scientific research showed that aliens descended on Earth 10,000 years ago and they first enlightened the human and then later they made their messengers to the kings. In different times, they created different traditions and societies and became deities of the earth or, say, angels. Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Inca, Babylonia, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjodaro and have contributed to the development of all the civilizations of the world. He built such monuments, places of worship or marvels in China, India, Egypt, Israel, America and Russia that the making of the man does not seem to be enough.

4. There are dozens of stars in the ‘Orayan’ planetarium 1,500 light-years away from our earth but there are 7 major stars. In this constellation, there are 3 fast-moving stars in a straight line called ‘Hunter’s waistband’ (Orion belt). The 7 main stars are – Adra (Beetlejuice), Rajajni (Rizal), Bellatrix, Mintak, Epsilon Orionis, Zeta Orionis, Kappa Orionis. Among these, the stars Adra, Rajajin and Bellatrix are the most radiant and giant, which are clearly visible from the earth.

5. In 2010, it was reported that after 1948, aliens living in remote space had visited the US and UK nuclear missile sites several times. A team of former US Air Force personnel claimed that they landed at the nuclear site of Britain. These officials had also announced to make public their experiences related to unidentified flying passengers (UFOs). Captain Robert Salas, a former US Air Force officer, said that we are talking about unknown flying sailors. We often know them as UFOs.

6. Some women in the US have claimed that they have had sex with an alien. These women also claim that their children’s father is also the same alien. After making physical connections to the alien, the women have said that it was their best experience. These women, named Nielsen and Aluna, reported that they had a total of 13 children from the alien.

7. A NASA scientist has speculated that aliens may have come to Earth but we have not been discovered. NASA’s computer scientist and professor Silvano P. Colombo has claimed in a research paper that the aliens’ structure may not be based on the conventional carbon structure, so we have not been able to find them. Silvano said that aliens might look completely different from humans.

8. 10 thousand years old rock paintings have been found in a cave in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. This discovery by NASA and Indian Archaeological has confirmed the existence of aliens in India. There is clearly a flyover in the paintings found here, as well as the picture of the aliens coming out of this saucer can be seen clearly, which is giving instructions to the common man through a strange stick. The aliens are wearing something like a helmet on their head with some antennae attached to it.

9. Scientists say that these paintings made 10 thousand years ago clarify that aliens had come here, which is at least 10 thousand years ahead of us in technical matters. Pictures of ancient civilizations around the world also contain such images in which a strange human is depicted with a spacecraft.

10. Scientists all over the world believe that people from other planets live in some places on the earth. One of those places is the Himalayas and the other can be sea tunnels and caves and the third place can be those forests, where humans never go. Finally, the fourth place is that they live among us like humans. A description of the aliens or UFO sightings in the world is found in newspapers or books. There is an incident in the Himalayas that on the afternoon of 15 February, about 500 kilometres above the ground in a small area about 0.25 km from the Indo-China border, bright white light was seen.

11. Space scientists have come to the conclusion that beings other than Earth exist on the planet. Aliens are far ahead of humans in technological development and they are monitoring our movements. Spain’s Institute Astophysica del Canarias and a team of space scientists from Florida University have concluded in their study. They believe that beings on other planets are probably observing the use of technologies developed by humans on Earth. The Australian newspaper ‘Daily Telegraph’ quoted Ms Sarah Seagate, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as saying that ‘maybe someone is watching us at the moment and has complete information about the Earth’s rotation speed and day and night.

12. In the text of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Inca, Babylonia, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjodaro and all the civilizations of the world, it is written that our ‘Akashdev’ will soon return and he will be the head of the earth again. The people of Egypt and the Maya civilized believed that our parents would return from space at a certain time. Osaishira (God of Egypt) will soon return to take us. So are we ‘Star Products’? And was this why the Egyptian used to mummify themselves after their death because their ‘Akashdev’ would bring them to space and revive them?

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