What are the habits that indicate that you are wasting your life?

  • You wake up and spend hours on the phone on the bed.
  • You like entertainment for more than a career.
  • You have more friends than a life goal.
  • You always think about relationships, love and sex.
  • You do not like to receive knowledge.
  • You do not read the newspaper.
  • You like to blame others for your failures.
  • You think all day but do nothing.
  • You sleep a lot.
  • It’s time to stare at your social media profile but you do not have time to find good career options.
  • You have money to spend on Netflix, clothes and shoes, but there is no money to spend on the competition exam form.
  • You always show yourself as a victim.
  • You engage in unnecessary conversations and fights on social media.
  • You do not feel ashamed when asking for money from your parents for your expenses.
  • Instead of money for your family, you have full focus on the earnings of social media followers.
  • You always want to be in your comfort zone.
  • You like to be jealous compared to competitors.
  • Life is too short to do something good. Wake up and start doing something meaningful for yourself and your family.

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