What are the facts about Ramayana that the world is unknown!

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The epic in which the birth and journey of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita are described is known as Ramayana. Though it is believed that the original Ramayana was composed by “Rishi Valmiki”, but many other saints and Vedas. Pandits like Tulsidas, Sant Eknath etc. have also composed other versions of it. Though each version describes the story in different ways, L’outlines same l It is believed that Ramayana was the 4th and 5th century BC Is it

Most of us know the story of Ramayana, but there are some such mysteries related to this epic, which people are not aware of. Today we are revealing 13 such mysteries related to Ramayana to you:

1. Gayatri Mantra is formed from the first letter that comes after every 1000 verses of Ramayana.

Gayatri Mantra consists of 24 letters and Valmiki Ramayana has 24,000 verses. The first letter that comes after every 1000 stanza of Ramayana becomes Gayatri Mantra. This mantra is the essence of this sacred epic. Gayatri Mantra is first mentioned in the Rig Veda.

2. In addition to Ram and his brothers, King Dasharath was also the daughter of a daughter

Most of all know about Shriram’s parents and brothers, but very few people know that there was also a sister of Rama, whose name was “Shanta”.

He was much older than the four brothers. It is believed that once King Rompad of Angadesh and his queen Varshini came to Ayodhya, they had no children. During the conversation when King Dasaratha came to know about this, he said, I have a child (Shanti) will give you as a child. On hearing this, Rompad and Varshini were very happy. They took care of him with great affection and performed all the duties of parents.

One day King Rompad was talking to his daughter, at the same time a Brahmin came to the gate and prayed to the king to provide help from the royal court in the ploughing of the fields during the rainy days.

The king did not hear it and He kept talking with the daughter. The Brahmin was saddened by not hearing ​​the citizen who came to the gate and left the kingdom of King Rompad. He was a devotee of the Indra. Such ignore the man was angry at Indra Dev King Rompd and he did not have enough rainfall in the state l It incorruptible standing crops in the fields l

In the time of this crisis, King Rompad went to the Rishyasringa and asked him the remedy. He told him to perform a Yagya to please Indradev. They performed the Yagya and the fields were filled with water. After this, Rishyasringa is married to Shanta and they started living happily. Later Rishyashrunga had done a Yagya for the wish of Dasaratha’s son. The place where he had performed this Yagya was from Ayodhya in the east and there is still her ashram.

3. Ram is the incarnation of Vishnu but what about his brothers?

Ram is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu but do you know about his brothers? Lakshmana is considered to be the incarnation of Sheshnag which is the seat of Lord Vishnu in Kshirsagar. While Bharata and Shatrughna are believed to be the incarnation of Sudarshan-chakra and conch-shell held in the hands by Lord Vishnu respectively.

4. Name of Lord Shiva’s bow used in Sita Swayamvar

Most of us know that Rama was married to Sita through a swayamvara. The bow of Lord Shiva was used for the self which was offered to all the princes, but very few would know that Lord Shiva’s bow was named “Pinak”.

5. Name of the forest where Ram, Laxman and Sita stayed during the exile

The story of the epic Ramayana we all know is that Rama and Sita went to exile with Lakshmana for 14 years and returned to their kingdom after defeating Ravana, the king of demons.

Most of us know that Rama, Lakshmana and Sita had spent many years in the forest, but only a few people will be aware of the name of that forest. The name of that forest was Dandakaranya, in which Ram, Sita and Lakshman spent their exile. C was spread over 35,600 square miles which included parts of present-day Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

At that time this forest was considered to be the home of the most fierce demons. Hence its name Dandakaranya where “Dand” means “to punish” and “Aranya” means “One”

6. The story of Laxman Rekha is not mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.

At first, Laxman did not agree to leave Sita alone in the forest, but he agreed to it again and again on request by Sita. After this Laxman drew a line around the hut and requested Sita to stay inside the line. And if an outsider tries to cross this line then it will be burnt and burnt. The unknown fact regarding this episode is that the story does not describe either “Valmiki R The Almighty “is neither in” Ramcharitmanas “but in Ramkrishtmann’s Lankan Kand, this point has been mentioned by Ravana’s wife, Mandodari.

7. Ravana was an excellent veena player

Ravana was the king of all demons. As a child, he was afraid of all people because he had ten heads. He had strong faith in Lord Shiva. There is a strong knowledge that Ravana was a great scholar and he studied the Vedas. But did you? Know what was the reason for the harp in the flag of Ravan as a symbol? Since Ravana was an excellent veena player, due to which the veena was inscribed as a symbol in his flag. Though Ravana did not pay much attention to this art, he liked to play this instrument.

8. Due to the jealousy of Indra, “Kumbhakarna” had received sleeping disorder

An interesting story in the Ramayana is of the always sleeping “Kumbhakarna”. Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Ravana, whose body was very poor. Besides he was also a gourmet (a lot of eaters). It is mentioned in the Ramayana that Kumbhakarna sleeps for six consecutive months. Lived and then used to wake up to eat just one day and slept for six months again.

But do you know how Kumbhakarna got used to sleeping? Once at the end of a Yagya, Prajapati Brahma appeared and asked Kumbhakarna for a boon. Indra was afraid that Kumbhakarna should not have Indrasana in the boon. Demand, so he requested Goddess Saraswati to sit on the tongue of Kumbhakarna so that she could demand “sleepless” instead of “Indrasana” Because of the jealousy of Indra, Kumbharkan had received sleeping disorder

9. According to NASA, the story of “Ramayana” and “Adam’s Bridge” are connected to each other.

The final phase of the Ramayana story describes that Rama and Lakshmana built a bridge to conquer Lanka with the help of the monkey army. It is believed that this story dates back to about 1,750,000 years. Recently NASA has a man-made ancient bridge connecting Sri Lanka and India has been discovered in the Palk Strait and according to researchers and archaeologists the period of construction of this bridge is of Ramayana the bridge detected by NASA satellites is called the bridge of “Adam” and its length is about 30 kilometres.

10. Ravan knew that he would be killed by Rama

After reading the full story of Ramayana, we come to know that Ravana was a cruel and most vile demon that everyone hated. When Ravana’s brothers heard about Rama’s attack because of Sita’s kidnapping, he surrendered to his brother. On hearing this, Ravana refused to surrender and expressed his desire to attain salvation by dying at the hands of Rama. He said that “If Rama and Lakshmana are two normal human beings, Sita as remains to me I will easily defeat them and if they are a god I’ll get hands to die salvation of them.

11. Why Rama lent his death to Laxman?

It is mentioned in the Ramayana that Shri Rama had given death sentence to his younger brother Laxman, who was dear to his life, but why Lord Rama had given death penalty to Laxman? This incident is about the time when Sri Rama returned to Ayodhya after Lanka victory and became the king of Ayodhya. One day Yama Devta comes to Sri Rama to discuss something important. Before starting the discussion he told Lord Rama. I promise you that as long as there is a conversation between me and you, no one will come between us and whoever comes, you will give the death penalty.

After obeying Laxman’s brother, he stands as the gatekeeper. After a short time Laxman becomes the gatekeeper, there comes Durvasa. When Durvasa asks Lakshmana to inform Rama about his arrival, Lakshmana humbly With this, Durvasa got angry on this and he said to curse the entire Ayodhya. Laxman decided to do it soon. That they would have to sacrifice themselves so that they could save the town’s people from the curse of the sage and they went inside and informed about the arrival of sage Durvasa.

Now Shri Ram fell in discomfort because he had to give Laxman to death according to his promise. In the event of this dilemma, Shri Ram remembered his guru Vasishta and asked to show some way. Gurudev said that renouncing any of his favourite things, his It is the same as death, so you sacrifice Laxman to obey your word.

12. Rama had abandoned the earth by drowning in the river Saryu.
It is believed that when Sita abandoned her body after being absorbed in the earth, Rama abandoned the earth after taking water samadhi in the river Saryu.

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