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What is Shadow?

Shadow is nothing but the light that cannot pass through an object. When you place an object between your eyes and a source. Will you be able to see the source? The answer is no. This means that there is a region behind an object where light cannot reach and that particular region appear dark. Shadow is formed when there is some obstruction in the path of light. When something blocked the path, it stops and can't go through or around the objects, because light always propagates in a straight line.

Light is always needed to form shadows. It is a form of energy which comes from a source like our Sun. A shadow can never form in total darkness. It is formed on the nature of the objects. They are of different kinds like transparent, translucent or opaque depending upon the passage of light through them. When it goes through them it is called as transparent. You and I will have a shadow. But not air and water because light can pass through them.Glass, clean air,  pure water etc are examp…
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How do we get energy from the sun?

In what manner may we get more power. As indicated by Nikola Tesla more energy implies a more high level of working force for our consciousness. From where does all energy come from?, it's our sun the single source our energy need on the Earth. The sun sparkles on us consistently, it descends, we gather it and we use it. In 1921 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Albert Einstein for explaining the photoelectric effect. In the end, researchers found that the light causes the liberation of electrons which, if captured, could be utilized to create electricity! This photoelectric effect has since been cultivated, researched, cultivated. Photovoltaics were invented in the 1950s and were promoted by the space program as an approach to power satellites. In the 1970s, photovoltaics were made to modernize to use in commercially and residentially. Like a battery, a photovoltaic cell has a positive and negative to control the electrons into the system. Each cell uses a pair of silicon waf…

How are black holes created?

A black hole is an area in space where the pull of gravity is strong to such an extent that nothing, even light, can escape out. The Sun is a boiling ball of gas heated to extremely high temperatures. Although the Sun is extremely special for us, it’s a very average star – it’s not too hot, not too cold, it’s not too old. In the burning core of a star, where fusion occurs which joins lighter elements together to form heavier elements. 

Throughout the life of a star, the outward force produced by the burning of the core balances the inward gravitational force. They spend their lifetimes with these two forces in balance, where their surface is held out and the shape is maintained. They start to fuse hydrogen into helium. Some massive stars continue to fuse heavier and heavier elements together. At the point when it reaches at its end, the nuclear fusion stops. All its hydrogen converted into heavier elements. Finally, the gravity overcomes that outward push generated by fusion. 

Toward a …


Bezos has unveiled a series of steps which will lay the foundations for future generations to come and ultimately lead to giant space colonies like this one.

Jeff Bezos dreams that one day a trillion people will live and work in space, obviously that day is far off to arrive.

Bezos makes certain of one thing these are extremely lovely places to live. There'd be totally different sorts of design. Sound truly incredible sure, however, how pragmatic is it to have whole organizations devoted to propelling human progress in space.

One of the most significant things we think about the moon today is that there's water. There it's as ice. Water is an amazingly important resource. You can utilize electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and you have the fuel.

According to Bezos, those entrepreneurial companies cannot exist today. It's impossible and the reason is the price of admission to do interesting things in space. Right now is just too high because there's …

The Secret of the Lucy mission!

What is the Lucy mission?Lucy is an arranged mission by NASA to fly-by 5 Jupiter Trojan asteroids, alongside a main Asteroid belt object, and is set to dispatch in 2021. This will be the first time through a rocket has visited a Jupiter Trojan! visiting the three fundamental sorts (C, P and D-type) promising to uncover the assorted variety of the early stage bodies that assembled the planets!

Lucy and Ralph are heading towards Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids—but Lucy and Ralph aren’t astronauts. Ralph is a scientific instrument and Lucy is a mission payload which contains several different instruments for measuring the asteroids’ properties. — NASA (@NASA) November 7, 2018 Beyond the asteroid belt our fossils of planet formation known as the Trojan asteroids. The Trojan is an interesting population of small bodies that are leftover from the formation of the planets and may lead or follow Jupiter in its orbit by roughly 60 degrees.  

The gr…